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Discover Colombia with Inside Colombia

If you plan a longer stay in South America, Colombia is your choice! The diversity of this country is reflected by its inhabitents. Colombians may be the kindest and most polite people in South America. The cordiality and openness of Colombian people make sure that every visitor will quickly feel at home. And Colombians know how to party and enjoy life! They love dance and music. Some even go dancing at lunch time! An internship, a university course or a Spanish course in Colombia gives you the opportunity to discover the hot Salsa- and Cumbia rhythms on the spot. Also the physical appereance is rather important in Colombia, home of many beauty queens. But Colombia is more than dance and tropical beauty. Big cities like Bogotá and Medellin host a lively alternative culture scene. There are constantly new exhibitions of young emerging artists and many small cinemas offer exciting programs. And they all get their audience – the educational level in Colombia is rather high. We invite you to discover Colombia with us. Inside Colombia organizes your unforgettable stay in the heart of Latin America.

The team of Inside Colombia

INSIDE COLOMBIA is a German-Colombian organization with broad experience in the intercultural and social exchange, knowledge transfer and education. Our team makes your stay in Colombia a success right from the beginning.

Our team

  • Nils Schulz Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Studies of political science, history and nordic studies in Hamburg and Bergen, Norway. After finishing his studies he spent three years in Chile where he worked in the development cooperation and in renewable energies. At INSIDE COLOMBIA he is in charge for the website and PR.
  • Sönke Hansen Born and raised in the north of Germany. He studied history, political science and Latin America studies in Hamburg and Madrid and lived several years in Peru and Colombia. At INSIDE COLOMBIA he is in charge for the internship program.
  • Casandra Hernández Colombian. Casandra was born in Mexico and came with her family to Colombia at the age of five. She studied Art at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and scenery in Holland. At INSIDE COLOMBIA she receives the participants of our programmes.
  • Joana Landeo

    Joana is Peruvian. She was born in Pisco and studied Architecture at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima. At INSIDE COLOMBIA she is responsable for our accommodation programme.

  • Mauricio Penagos is from Colombia. He studied Philosophy and Literature Studies and works in a Foundation, where he helps different persons in difficult living situations (people with psychic problems, homeless persons, children and adolescents living in extreme poverty etc.) by means of art and literature. At INSIDE COLOMBIA he receives the participants of our programmes.

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