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Internship Offers at Inside Latin America

It is still possible to book internships on this website but it will not be updated any longer. From now on you can find all current offers for Colombia on the website Inside Latin America.

Many new Internship offers

During the last weeks we added many new exciting internships to our list: the Colombian umbrella organization for sanitary and environment engineering (Internship Code: ESAG), a Nature Reserve for ecological tourism near Bogotá (Internship Code: ERCH), an International Consultancy in Bogotá (Internship Code: ECUB) and a Social Aid Institution from the US for mothers and their children (Internship Code: SCRM) are looking for interns. Find more information on these internships here.

Internship of the month

As of late we would like to recommend this internship warmly to you: an NGO for the reconciliation and forgiveness between conflicting parties in Colombia is looking as of now for interns. Work takes place in Bogotá in the different programs of the NGO. Find more information on this internship with the code SREA here.

Internship in Miami

A Bogotá-based business for Digital Marketing Events and Technical Innovations is looking for interns for their local branch in the US.
Work with web and media professionals from the US and Latin-America.
The company is teaching online marketing strategies by involving leading companies in the industry. Interns will be involved in the whole process of the organization of events, from planning to execution; search for sponsors, plan of promotion, event logistics, media handling.
Please contact us for further information.

Many new internships in Colombia

Lately we considerably expanded our internship offers and you will find many new internships in our program; you can work with children and young adults, in an environmental consultancy, in a political foundation, in a Theater in Bogotá and many other places – we are sure you will find something you like! We’d like to invite you to browse our website for our current internship offers in Colombia.

Urgent opportunity for biologists and students of forestry and life science!

A German company that runs a tree plantation in Colombia for the production of pencils and other products, is urgently looking for interns who can already start end of January. The plantation has a size of 2,000 hectare. 10% of this area shall be protected. The aim of the project is to obtain the FSC-certificate. Interns will be doing research (identification of the areas to be protected) and help identify the existing trees, plants and animals. The internship is geared towards students of Biology, forestry or life science. The company sets accommodation, food and transport in the project zone. Please contact us for further information.

Book now and save

Book your internship in Colombia for 2015 until the 31 of December and get the convenient prices of 2014.

Yet 2014 to Colombia – book now and save

Our autumn special for last-minute interns: book your internship now and receive our special year-end bargain. If you start your internship in Colombia before 2015 you just pay € 200 (USD 250) for all our internship packages (normal price: € 290-360 or USD 330-390). So pack your bags and off to Colombia!

Internship in a natural reserve in the Orinoco basin

Our newest internship brings you to the pictureque Orinoco river, right in the Colombian rain forest and close to the border with Venezuela. In this natural reserve exciting tasks wait for students and professionals of the careers forestry, agronomy, life sciences, biology, zoology and botany. The natural reserve aims at the conservation of native tropical tree species and endangered wildlife in the Orinoco basin. You can find the internship with the code ENRO on the page Available Internships.

Internship in Colombia – English teachers needed!

Our new partner, a Bogotá-based academy for education and coaching, is looking for interns in March. This internship is for English teachers who will teach English lessons or other subjects in English. The academy gives free Spanish lessons and public transport to all interns. If you are interested in this last-minute opportunity, please contact us. More information on our website

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