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Forestry internship in Colombia

From today on we offer a brand-new internship in Colombia for students of forestry, environmental science, geography, biology and engineering science. The Colombian corporation works and investigates on native woods and timber and collaborates with national and regional state authorities, national forest enterprises and with afro-colombian and indigenous communities and the rural population. You can find a detailed description of this internship with the code ECFI on the page “available internships” on our website. A lot of exciting tasks are waiting for you!

New environment internship

Summer is here and we at Inside Colombia can offer you a fresh and exciting new internship in the environmental sector. A foundation for social, productive and agro-ecological development runs projects in the areas environment, agro-ecology, urban gardening and social development. The new internship has the code EAED, more details here.

Two new internships in march

This month Inside Colombia offers two new internships. Both are geared towards students of pedagogy, social work, social science and similar careers and take place at two NGO’s in the beautiful Cauca Valley, the “Coffee capital” in the west of Colombia. You can find the new internships here, they have the codes SJVP and SSCY.

New offer for your internship in Colombia

This month we added a new offer to our eclectic list of available internships in Colombia. The internship takes place in Bogotá in a non-profit foundation for education and is geared towards students of pedagogy/education, psychology, sociology and social work. The learning opportunities offered by this NGO have a social character and are geared towards underprivileged social stratums.

Interested? You can find more information here.

New internship in January

Inside Colombia starts the New Year with a brand-new fresh internship. Interns can participate in environmental consulting for companies. The project works in the context of the worldwide reforestation initiative of the United Nations, in order to attenuate the consequences of the climate change. Exciting tasks all over Colombia are waiting for you!

Inside Colombia is ready to start

From now on we offer internships, accommodation and Spanish courses in Colombia. This month we start with a brand new internship in a Colombian NGO. The organization works in cooperation with the civil society for different processes of sustainable development.

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