Available accommodation

Available accommodation in Bogotá

Here soon you’ll find a list of currently available accommodation in Bogotá, sorted by districts (find out more about the districts of Bogotá). You can choose between rooms, apartments, family stays and student dorms. If you like one of the offered accommodations, just enter it in the accommodation form. We also offer accommodation in other Colombian cities.

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List of available accommodation (sorted by district)

Prices can slightly change due to changes in currency exchange rates.

Chapinero Alto
Type of accommodationStudent residence
DescriptionThe residence is situated on the ground of a private club. Tenants have access to the club facilities (Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, sports grounds, gym, shops…). The rooms are completely furnished. The club is situated in one of the best areas of Bogotá.
Monthly rentUSD 880 (USD 220 per week). USD 200 deposit (will be returned at the end of the stay).
Included in the rentWeekly cleaning, additional costs, TV, Internet.
CommentThe student residence is fully equipped but there is no washing machine. Close-by there is a laundry service.


Type of accommodationRoom
DescriptionTwo-storied house with six small and inexpensive rooms for students and workers. All rooms are equipped with bed, bed table, TV set and private bathroom. The area is mostly inhabited by students and workers, several universities are close-by.
Monthly rent450.000 COP (€ 180 or USD 200)
Included in the rentWater, electricity and internet.

Type of accommodationShared apartment
DescriptionSpacious and furnished room in a shared apartment. The apartment will be shared with a young and friendly lady who works in publicity. The apartment is completely furnished, all common spaces (living room, kitchen…) can be used. The apartment is very centric, many shops are close-by. Many students live in this area and there are many universities nearby.
Monthly rent750.000 COP (€ 295 or USD 325)
Included in the rentAdditional costs and Internet.

Type of accommodationShared apartment
DescriptionThe apartment has very amply spaces. The room is completely furnished, including a TV set. Free use of living room, kitchen, patio and washing machine. The apartment is shared with two young female dancers. It is a very centric apartment with good access to public transport.
Monthly rent565.000 COP (€ 225 or USD 250)

Included in the rentAdditional costs (electricity, water, telephone, Internet, gas),
monthly cleaning.
CommentThe apartment is very centric and has a good connection to public transport. Several universities are close-by and there's also quick access to the historical center.

Type of accommodationShared apartment
DescriptionThe apartment is completely furnished and situated in a relatively new building. The apartment will be shared with a young woman.
Monthly rentRoom with private bathroom: 620.000 COP (€ 245 or USD 270)
Small room with shared bathroom: 380.000 COP (€ 150 or USD 200)
Included in the rentAll additional costs and monthly cleaning.
CommentThe building is situated in a quiet and safe area with good connections to public transport. Renting only for female cohabitants.

Type of accommodationShared apartment
DescriptionTwo unfurnished rooms. The rest of the apartment is furnished. Free use of dining- and living room, kitchen, washing machine and dryer. The apartment is inside of a condominium with tennis courts and green areas. Very close to the Mall Santa Fé.
Monthly rentBig room with shared bathroom: 450.000 COP (€ 180 or USD 200)
Small room with private bathroom: 300.000 COP (€ 120 or USD 160)
Included in the rentGas, electricity, water, Internet, telephone and cleaning.
CommentOnly for long-term stays.

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