Available internships

Available internships in Colombia

Here you find all internships we currently have available. They are sorted by industry. In some cases the internships fit into several industries at the same time, therefore we recommend to have a detailed look at the whole list. Just pick your internship and insert it in the form for internships. In this form you can also enter other wishes concerning your internship. We always try to find something according to your needs.

If you have more questions about the internships we gladly answer them! Just write to info@insidecolombia.com.co

List of available internships:

Architecture & Engineering
Business/organizationYoung consultancy in Bogotá for sustainable construction. The firm accompanies its clients and their construction projects in the conception of buildings, compiles the bioclimatic data of the building project and finally continues with the consultancy in sustainability, taking into account variables like the life cycle of the building in order to – if desired - obtain the LEED®-certificate.
Work descriptionThe work of the consultancy consists in four areas:
Bioclimatic consultancy
Looking for strategies that use to full capacity the proximate surroundings of the building for its energetic and climatic sustainability.
LEED-certificate consultancy
The firm uses the LEED®-certificate as a technichal instrument and market incentive in order to erect buildings that comply with international sustainable building standards.
Consultancy in sustainability
Offering solutions based on the examination of the building’s whole life cycle, from the purchase of natural building materials to the impact these materials will have after their usage.
Social responsability
Every consultancy project goes in hand with social engagement in different sectors.
CommentThe internship is geared towards architects and environmental engineers.


Business/organizationTheater in Bogotá
Work descriptionInterns can collaborate PraktikantInnen in these areas:
- Technique (light and sound, stage setting, stage properties, stage and costume design)
- Marketing
- Theater Workshops and conferences
Interns have also the opportunity to participate in tours and guest performances of the company.
CommentThe internship is geared towards all students with careers related to drama plus light and sound engineers, stage and textile designers and students of careers like Marketing and Culture Management. Good Spanish skills are required.


Business/organizationCultural Center for women
Work descriptionThe foundation, created in 1976, is a NGO that contributes to the promotion of social protection from a gender perspective. The NGO promotes and supports women by strengthening their self-esteem, their rights, their social and their communitarian participation. To that end, the organization sets up many diverse activities and workshops which are offered both to women and children. For example, they provide art or theater workshops and invite to workshops about spirituality, human rights, peace or arts and crafts. They equally have a public library with an extensive collection that also offers literature courses and that has each month a reading circle.
CommentThe intern should have a grand interest in the promotion of women’s rights. Preferably a woman, the intern should have studied in the field of social sciences such as law, psychology, political science or sociology. The intern could also support the work with children for which studies in art and/or music are also desirable. The intern should be willing to contribute to the organization’s communitarian work. It is required that the intern has a good level of Spanish, both in speaking and writing.

Development cooperation
Business/organizationFoundation for development processes in the country, in zones of conflict and in gender topics in order to strengthen civil society. The organization cooperates with international development agencies, NGO’s and public and private facilities.
CityBogotá and different regions.
Work descriptionInterns can collaborate in different projects in the Bogotá office or work in regional projects (Antioquia, Cauca, Karibik...) after having received training. Some regional projects are executed by the organization itself, others by local entities which receive support from the organization.
CommentThe internship should be at least six months and interns should be real team players. The internship is especially geared towards students of law, public relations, communication science, social work, agronomy, sociology and pedagogy. The regional projects include free accommodation in local families.

Economy: Consulting / Finance / Controlling
Business/organizationInternational Consultancy and Backoffice Service. Provider of bi-lingual legal, accounting, administration, marketing, training and recruitment services for Latin America. The company helps both local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America, by providing a full suite of back office services.
Work descriptionThe intern will be involved with:
– Assisting with Office Administration
– Marketing / Business Development
– Social Media
– Client Liaison and Engagement
– Translation Services
– Drafting Articles for the Website relating to Business in South America
– Other tasks (depending on experience and qualifications)
CommentCorporate language during the internship is English. Depending on the candidate a modest stipend may be paid for living expenses.
- Either native English and/or Spanish speakers
- They have the ability to engage with staff and other contacts in a confident and professional manner
- They can research and write professionally
- They are flexible and willing to learn
- Minimum placement is three months

Economy: Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication
Business/organizationBusiness for Digital Marketing Events and Technical Innovations working with web and media professionals from all over Europe and Latin-America. The company is teaching online marketing strategies by involving leading companies in the industry.
CityBogotá, Miami (USA)
Work descriptionInterns will be involved in the whole process of the organization of events, from planning to execution; search for sponsors, plan of promotion, event logistics, media handling.
CommentApart from Bogotá interns can also do their internships in the local branch in the US. Necessary skills: Fluent English, knowledge of design management programs like PS, ILLUSTRATOR, Wordpress. The internship is geared towards students and graduates of the careers marketing, PR, sales, event management and webdesign.

Economy: Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication
Business/organizationAdvertising agency with a team of experts in Online Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development, Community Management and Metric Analysis. The agency develops digital marketing strategies for its business clients.

Work descriptionThe agency works in the areas of digital marketing, web development, SEO, social networks and Email Marketing. Interns can work in all areas.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students from the areas marketing, advertising industry, graphic design and IT with a focus on Online Marketing.


Business/organizationNon-profit foundation for education offering several education and qualification programs.
Work descriptionThe learning opportunities have a social character and are geared towards underprivileged social stratums. The course offer includes the following areas:
• Electro-technics
• English
• Obtaining baccalaureate
• Systems engineering
• Office jobs
• Cosmetics
The training programs are geared towards persons that are not integrated into the conventional educational system, e.g. "difficult" teenagers or mayor adults without completed education.
Further fields of activity for interns: giving English classes or courses to raise the self-esteem.
In addition, talks and events will be organized in which the participants get to know different cultures and ways of living in order to open themselves to them.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of pedagogy/education, psychology, sociology and social work.

Business/organizationAcademy for education and coaching. The institute supports pupil from different educational institutions who find themselves in difficult personal situations and/or suffer from learning disabilities. Use of experimental teaching methods (Rousseau, Montessori, Decroly, Dewey).
Work description- English lessons or teaching of other subjects in English
- Coaching and extracurricular guidance, teaching of studying techniques
- Company in school interviews in order to detect difficulties and problems
- Work with pupil flunked out of school and/or who have difficulties to integrate themselves in traditional learning processes
- Development of abilities
CommentThe academy offers free Spanish lessons and public transport to interns. The internship is geared towards native English speakers or students with very good English skills.

Business/organizationColombian Organization for environmental education. Its mission is to lead children and young persons to nature and foster their environmental awareness.
Work descriptionThe organization conducts five programs:
* Outdoor education for schools and other institutions as supporting additional offers besides the formal educational processes.
* Fokus on environment in the action of communities – consolidation of children’s and young person’s capacity to act and interact through the stay in nature. Strengthening of environmental awareness in actions, training for agents of change in the communities.
* Expeditions and technical courses – the participants are led to nature through collective adventure experiences and learn about different techniques of living and travelling in the open.
* Communication for environment protection – consolidation of the individual environmental awareness.
* First Aid - Training for persons who are regularly far away from medical infrastructure, e.g. as group leaders or practicing adventure sports in nature.
What’s more there is a range of different vacation courses in Colombia and other Latin-American countries for children and young persons.
CommentInterns are especially needed from these careers: communication (digital storytelling, social media, website), pedagogy, teaching, life sciences, business administration.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationEnvironmental consulting for companies. The organization participates in the worldwide reforestation initiative of the United Nations, in order to attenuate the consequences of the climate change.
CityDifferent places all over the country, headquarter in Bogotá.
Work descriptionDesk work in the headquarter in Bogotá. Outdoor missions are spontaneously possible in the rain period. Consultancy for companies to obtain UN CO₂ certificates. Elaboration of environmental impact studies on the production of single companies. The organization conducts projects in collaboration with local communities in four different zones and ecosystems of Colombia, from the coast to the high mountains and cloud forests. Collaboration with indigenous communities, peasants and Negro Communities, amongst others.
CommentThe internship is especially geared towards professionals from the areas forestry, environmental science, ecology, biology, agronomy, economy and business administration. The organization pays travel expenses and accommodation in the locations of the outdoor missions.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationColombian corporation for the scientific support and monitoring of the forest sector. The corporation works and investigates on native woods and timber and collaborates with national and regional state authorities, national forest enterprises and with afro-colombian and indigenous communities and the rural population.
CityHead office in Bogotá, countrywide projects.
Work descriptionWork areas:
- Scientific, technical, social, economical and institutional solutions for the development of the Colombian forest sector
- Conservation of nature woods
- Elaboration of programs and strategies for the forest sector
- Studies, advice and activities for the conservation, protection, recuperation and sustainable use of forest resources
- Environmental impact studies
- Forestry land use planning; forestry information systems (Elaboration of maps for reforestation areas)
- Courses and workshops on forestry technologies
CommentThe internship is especially geared towards students of forestry, environmental science, geography, biology and engineering science.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationEnvironment consulting firm. Project development in the areas of environment, sanitary and forestry.
CityVillavicencio (Departamento Meta)
Work descriptionThe firm has activities in the following areas:
- Reforestation
- Environmental impact studies
- Water treatment
- Refuse treatment
CommentThe internship is geared towards forestry and environment engineers and is open to students of similar careers. Accommodation and local public transport are provided by the company.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationNatural reserve (1.000 hectare) and reforestation area (1.200 hectare), including a seed garden for medicinal trees and plants of the Orinoco area. The natural reserve aims at the conservation of native tropical tree species and endangered wildlife in the Orinoco basin.
CityOrinoco basin, in the outermost northeast of Colombia, by the frontier to Venezuela.
Work descriptionPossible workscopes for interns:
- conservation of native trees and plants (nursery for native tree species, plantation of trees)
- protection and preservation of native animals (birds, reptiles, fishes, insects; operation of a turtle hatchery)
- interpretive center for visitors: educational, botanical, zoological, biological, geological, geographic and historical information to school children, tourists and the general public
- eco-tourism services and guided tours
- The organization offers support to scientists, researchers and students conducting studies related to the flora and fauna, culture, socio-economic development and people of the Orinoco basin
CommentThe natural reserve is scenically beautiful located in the Orinoco basin, in a safe and quiet area in the Colombian virgin forest. The internship is geared towards students of the following careers: forestry, agronomy, life sciences, biology, zoology, botany and other natural sciences. The natural reserve collaborates with different international universities. Interns get free local transport, accommodation and food during their stay. There’s also the option to work on your thesis during the internship.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationEnvironmental and pedagogical projects in a nature reserve, about one hour from Bogotá. The area is situated on 3,000 a.s.l. in a beautiful and green mountain range with many options for outdoor activities.
Work descriptionVolunteers can join the different projects in the nature reserve:
- Maintenance of three natural water basins
- Reforestation in collaboration with local residents
- Diminution of the negative impact cattle-breeding has on the local environment
- gathering of information on the use of the local natural water resources
- Workshops on the local water resources and their use
- Inventory of the local flora in collaboration with residents
- Documentation of the work with pictures and reports
In addition, volunteers for English and Computer classes are needed. These are the tasks:
- Improvement of the English and Computer skills of the nature reserve’s residents
- Coaching for pupil of the local village school
- What’s more, volunteers can give music and arts classes, according to their skills
CommentThe minimum duration is three months. English skills are needed, Spanish skills are a plus. The projects are geared towards persons with knowledge in biology and/or botany, also towards persons with a pedagogical background.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationCollection of biotic information in a nature reserve.

CityPuerto López
Work description• Documentation of the biodiversity found in the nature reserve
• Collection and classification of the vegetation found in the nature reserve
• Collection of botanical samples
• Indexing of the material
• Research on the current state of the species
• Demarcation of the places where samples are collected
• Filing of the collected material together with the written descriptions
• Written and visual documentation of the work
CommentThe internship is geared towards persons with skills in botany and/or biology. Spanish skills are welcome but not mandatory, at least English skills are necessary.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationColombia’s biggest environmental organization with diverse and numerous projects in the whole country. The organization also maintains several nature reserves in different regions of the country.
CityBogotá and nationwide
Work descriptionThe nationwide projects of the organization deal amongst others with the following topics:
• Integral Management of climate change (measure and report of CO2 emissions, climate protection measures, compensation and adaptation)
• Nature reserves
• Regional environmental and area planning
• Education, communication, diffusion of environmental topics
• Sustainable use of forest stand, reduction of the deforestation in the Amazon region
• Efficient use of wood stoves in households
• Ecological restoration
• Sustainable production systems
• Integral management of river basins
• Publications
Internships can be done in the main office in Bogotá (in the projects or in the administration and communication area) or in other parts of the country (in the nature reserves and projects).
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of life sciences, biology and geography and also to environmental engineers and students of communication studies.

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationColombian umbrella organization for sanitary and environment engineering. It brings together entities and institutions from the sectors water, sewage water and environment (companies, consulting firms, public entities, universities, experts and students). Advisory body for the government in sanitary and environmental topics like technical norms, drinking water and sewage water.
Work descriptionAmongst others, the entity works on the following topics:
- Protection and preservation of water resources and the environment in its surroundings
- Divulgement of new theories and methods in life sciences
- Educational programs for sewerage and environment
- Technical norms
- Design of political guidelines, plans and programs on environmental remediation

Interns get manifold tasks about natural resources, environmental remediation and recovery of soils.
CommentThe internship is geared towards persons with a technical background and includes work with soils in the areas restoration, waste, rural development, renewable energies etc. This happens against the background of the currently happening peace process in Colombia and the efforts to restore affected soils. Good Spanish skills are necessary for this internship. The minimum duration for this internship is three months.


Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Business/organizationNature Reserve near Bogotá for ecological tourism (hiking, horseback riding, accommodation etc.) and environmental education activities.
CityNear Bogotá
Work descriptionInterns can collaborate in all the following areas:
- Tree nursery
- Reforestation – Selection of the plants, harvest of seeds, seed in the seedboxes. Sowing and watering.
- Organic Bed
- Environmental education – Information given by the park rangers to visitors; informative meetings, workshops and other activities for the nature reserve’s staff, inhabitants of the neighboring places and park visitors.
- Support in research – students of environmental engineering, forestry, biology, life sciences and other careers with a focus on the environment use the nature reserve for their research projects. Also regional and national or public and private entities collect material and data in the park. Interns can collaborate in terms of collection, measurement, mapping, preparation of inventory lists, identification of species etc.
- Maintenance of hiking trails
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of environmental engineering, forestry, biology, life sciences, geography and other careers with a focus on the environment. The nature reserve gives free lodging and board to interns.

Journalism / Media
Business/organizationMonthly English language newspaper with a small team of mostly volunteers. The paper's ethos is to provide balanced reporting on the events in Colombia, as well as a comprehensive section of events and anything else that might interest the English-speaking audience.
Work descriptionWork duties can be tailored to the experience interns would like to get - research, advertising, writing, editing – helping out with some of the day to day running of the paper, but also making sure that they could work in whatever area they are interested in exploring.

CommentThe minimum duration of this internship is 2 months. Ideally interns should have some Spanish (the more the better) and a good level of English.


Medicine/ Health Care
Business/organizationCenter for Medical Diagnostic
Work descriptionThe Center for Medical Diagnostic offers a broad range of health services, amongst others preventive medicine, occupational medicine, specimens and diagnosis, cardiovascular examinations, echocardiographs and electrocardiograms, clinical laboratory, pediatric laboratory and toxicologic laboratory. Interns can work in all areas.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of medicine, nurses and students of medicine and chemistry.


Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationPolitical foundation of a big German party. The foundation does political consulting and political education and collaborates with different political and social actors. The objective is to strengthen democracy and social justice.
Work descriptionThe foundation works on the following topics:
- Strengthening of democracy and the constitutional state
- Sustainable democracy, based on social justice
- Work for peace
- Analysis of the Colombian reality; publications, forums, seminars and debates
- Collaboration with Universities, Think Tanks, Media and social actors
CommentThe internship is geared towards social scientists with social and/or political engagement. The minimum duration is three months and you need enough Spanish skills to communicate in writing and verbally.

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationColombian organization engaged in the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans) in Colombia.
Work descriptionThe organization basically works in four areas:
1. Human rights: annual report on the conditions of the LGBT community in Colombian society; includes reports on homicide, threat, pamphlets.
2. nationwide legal assistance on adoptions, marriage, discrimination…
3. Dialogue with society: collaboration with public and private entities, e.g. schools; workshops for teachers, policemen etc. considering normative questions.
4. Public relations: communication campaigns, visibility, campaigns in social networks, media analysis, press review.
More fields of work for interns: Fundraising, project management, international cooperation. The organization cooperates with international partners, e.g. the UN and OAS (Organization of American States) and participates in international conventions.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of political science, anthropology, sociology, law, communication and media. Spanish skills are required.

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationFeminist women’s organization
Work descriptionThe organization develops communication strategies on topics like health, women’s rights and sexuality:
- Production of videos and audiovisual material for pedagogic purpose
- Development of feminist communication strategies in cooperation with the Colombian state (ministries) and municipalities
- Information, education and communication strategies on health, education and citizenship
A collaboration is possible in all areas.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of political science, sociology, communication studies, journalism and pedagogy. The organization is especially looking for experts in web design, social media and audiovisual media.

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationJob market research institution and training center for union leaders. The institution works for the construction of a democratic and participative society and for the democratization of the Colombian working environment out of a pluralistic, nonpartisan and autonomous perspective, elaborating studies on the Colombian job market and the working conditions of the wage-related employed in Colombia.
Work descriptionInterns will work in the research area. The tasks include:
1. Research on companies, industrial sectors and trade relations
2. Support in the update and systematization of data bases and the tabulation of surveys which the institution conducts with jobholders of different industries
3. Collaboration in research: elaboration of analysis and reports, organization of Organisation von labor law-related events
4. For interns in the communication / graphic design area: elaboration of communication strategies for a better communication of information and study results to a broad audience; elaboration of dynamic presentations, information graphics etc.

CommentThe minimum time duration of this internship is of four months. It is geared towards students of sociology, political science, social work and anthropology. For internships in the news and information area, students of communication studies and graphic design are needed.


Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationCenter for conflict studies that aims at reducing armed conflicts and its impact on individuals and communities through the production and provision of knowledge and secured information.
Work descriptionThe institution conducts and publishes research that aims at detecting the reasons and dimensions of armed violence and conflicts. This happens against the background of three central concerns: incorporation of programs for the reduction of violence in the public agenda; improvement of already existing programs; contribution to the design and evaluation of public measures that lead to the reduction of violence.
Currently, the institution has 5 research areas:
- Conflict analysis and political violence
- Measurement of violence and conflicts
- Armed violence and development
- Transition processes and overcoming of conflicts
- Companies and human rights

Interns can collaborate in all research areas.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of careers like political science, sociology, peace/conflict studies, but also towards students with a background in statistics, mathematics, philology (translations) or communication. Interns will get a remuneration of approx. 250 € (USD 275) per month.


Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationFeminist organization for human rights and the construction of democratic, fair, equal and sustainable societies.
CityBogotá, Santa Marta, Valledupar, Vichada, Valle de Cauca, Nariño
Work descriptionThe organization has three thematic core areas:
- Feminism and construction of peace
Analysis of all forms of discrimination and violence, for the construction of a sustainable and ongoing peace, viewed from a position of feminism, active nonviolence and human rights.
- Life Economy
Promotion and protection of economic autonomy from a feminist perspective.
- Institutional Management
Design and impulse of self-sustainable financial strategies, development of management and self-management strategies in order to appear stronger and more visible in the political landscape.

Interns can collaborate in all areas. What’s more, interns are needed in the communication area in order to strengthen the communication strategy and the commercialization of the products from the organization’s productive projects. Interns are also needed for the monitoring systems and project evaluation based on the change theory.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of many different careers and topics like economy, law, political science, pedagogy, psychology, communication and life sciences. The minimum duration for this internship is three months.

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationConsultancy for human rights and displacement. The institute works for the integral validity of the human rights of displaced persons, refugees and migrants and campaigns for the democratic creation of peace, justice, social equity as means to avoid uprooting, exile and deprivation of elemental rights and needs.
Work descriptionInterns can collaborate in the following areas:
1. Restitution of land and land titles
2. Collective ethnical reparation
3. Escape and migration
4. Communication
5. Public policy
Interns collaborate in research and analysis.
CommentInterns should have an interest in land reform, human rights, exile and international protection, social rights, cultural rights, justice, public policies and peace. The internship is geared towards students of the following careers: law, economy, political science, anthropology, sociology, social communication / journalism, international relations and geography. The minimum duration of this internship is four months.

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Business/organizationCivil Organization, engaged in the construction of a fair, democratic and peaceful society through civic involvement and the implementation of human rights.
Work descriptionThe organization’s interdisciplinary team works in different programs:
1) Right to the city and right to territory
• Urban and regional planning
• Collective conflict solution
• Civic participation
• Environment and climate change
2) Right to education
• Education for peace
• Participation and civic interaction in school
• Strenghtening of local educational systems
• Diversity
3) Human rights and peace
• History and collective memory
• Victim’s rights
• Violence, conflicts and reconciliation
Interns can collaborate in all programs.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of sociology and other social sciences, pedagogy, teaching and students with experience in project planning.

Social Work
Business/organizationOrganization in the Cauca Valley that works with vulnerable children and adolescents.
CityVilla Rica, Cauca
Work descriptionChildren and adolescents who are in situations of vulnerability because of crime, violence, violation of human rights or unemployment are the direct beneficiaries of the projects and programs of this organization. The organization promotes and develops processes for the transformation and development of local communities with the guiding idea of popular education and active non-violence. The main focus lies on the creation of space for education, culture and recreation and on the support of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution. The preventive programs of the organization are geared towards drug prevention, prevention of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as well as the prevention of the entrance of children and adolescents into armed groups.
CommentThe internship is geared towards students of pedagogy, social work, social science and similar careers. It’s also especially geared towards young people with good English skills and persons with research background.

Social Work
Business/organizationOrganization that conducts social programs for the development of a peaceful civil society. Cooperation with adolescents and vulnerable communities. The Organization resides in the scenic municipality of Sevilla, the "coffee capital of Colombia", three hours from the regional capital Cali.
CitySevilla (Valle del Cauca)
Work descriptionThe main focus of the organization lies on the work with women and adolescents, running programs on identity, culture and social leadership. The goal is to strengthen human rights and the participation of adolescents in the society and to support an active culture of peace.
An internship is possible in these four areas:
- School for democracy and peace; training of tutors in topics like human rights, conflict resolution and psychosocial attendance
- Youth network for the training and strengthening of young persons with social leadership abilities.
- Women’s network for the strengthening of female participation in social development processes
- Communication and media (Radio, Web etc.) as a strengthening tool for local communities

CommentThe internship is geared towards students of social science, psychology, pedagogy, social work and similar careers. It is especially open for women who want to collaborate with the women’s network in Sevilla and for students who want to work with adolescents. The internship is also geared towards students of communication, media and journalism.

Social Work
Business/organizationNGO for the reconciliation and forgiveness between conflicting parties in Colombia. The organization runs a nationwide network of places for encounter. The training of „multiplicators“ in districts, municipalities, work places, schools and families shall lead to a climate of reconciliation and peaceful encounter.
Work descriptionThe NGO’s work consists in five programs:
1. local places of encounter, promoting a culture of words and memory;
victims of violence can deal with their pain and “go back to normal”
2. pedagogy of reconciliation
- learning emotional awareness in the face of oneself and others
- peaceful conflict resolution, strengthening of capabilities like cooperation, solidarity and emotional intelligence
3. places of encounter in zones affected by poverty and conflicts;
promotion of Inclusion, cooperation and participation as strategies for a peaceful society. Inclusion of former participants in armed conflicts, displaced persons and children, adolescents and women affected by violence
4. “Emotional alphabetization”
- reading and writing about anger and fear
- handling feelings in areas with high rates of illiteracy
- preventing violence through a psychical and affective recovery
- strengthening of communication skills
5. network for youth encounters;
local meeting places for dialogue and peaceful handling of conflicts. Adolescents as agents for changes in society
CommentThe internship is foremost geared towards students of psychology, education, social work and social sciences. Spanish skills are required.

Social Work
Business/organizationColombian NGO that runs social programs with the help of volunteers, especially building houses for vulnerable families. The NGO cooperates with public and private companies in programs for social responsibility.
Work descriptionThe NGO conducts different social programs, especially programs dealing with housing. Besides the office work, interns can participate in all programs:
* capacity building for women in order to strengthen their autonomy and enhance their social situation
* creation of healthy living space for vulnerable families
* provision and quick construction of emergency accommodation in case of natural disasters
CommentThe internship is especially geared towards architects, psychologists, graphic designers and economists. In general volunteers of all careers are needed for the house building projects.

Social Work
Business/organizationSocial aid institution from the US for mothers and their children operating in several Latin-American countries. The institution helps poor mothers from all over the country and their children, giving them a temporary home for free when they have to stay in the capital for medical treatment.
CityBogotá, Medellin and Cartagena
Work description- Extra tuition and English lessons
- Social work
- Occupational health
- Support of parents in their attempts to start a small business
- Support in administration, finance, accounting, HR, graphic design, PR, social networks, audiovisual and digital media, translation, project management
CommentThe internship is geared towards volunteers and students of psychology, pedagogy and social work but also open to students of other careers. At least basic knowledge of Spanish is required.

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