Bogota’s Districts

About the districts of Bogotá

Bogotá is without doubt one of the most interesting cities in South America. The Colombian capital is the country’s political and economical centre and looks back at 500 years of history. All the cultural traditions of Colombia meet in this place.

Bogotá has almost 7 million inhabitants. The city is situated on 2,640 meters altitude on the high plateau Atiplano Cundiboyacense. Bogotá has 20 districts. INSIDE COLOMBIA offers accommodation in the most important ones:


A traditional district in the centre of Bogotá. The oldest part is La Candelaria.

Santa Fe is a district full of contrasts. Parts like La Perseverancia, Belén and Lajas host the traditional petite bourgeoisie. But you can also find more exclusive areas in Santa Fe, like Parque Central Babaria, Torres del Parque, La Macarena and Bosque Izquierdo, with a lot of Cafés, exclusive restaurants and delicatessen. Santa Fe is abundant in culture and trade. If you want to live in the centre of Bogotá, this district is the right choice.

La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the historical and cultural centre of the city. The narrow streets with cobblestone, picturesque plazas and colorful houses show the colonial heritage of the city. La Candelaria is one of the best preserved historical olt towns in Latin America. It is part of the district Santa Fe.

This quarter has a lively cultural scene and hosts several libraries, theatres and museums. Also several universities and government agencies are located here. Due to its charm this quarter is a popular meeting point all the year and attracts a lot of visitors. To live in La Candelaria really means to live in the heart of the city.


Also the ample district Teusaquillo forms part of the centre of Bogotá. It hosts the quarters Galerias, Teusaquillo, La Esmeralda, Ciudad Salitre and Quinta Paredes. Each of these quarters represents a different epoch of the city. This district offers many good and versatile accommodation and cultural options plus ist hosts the most important sport stadiums of the city, like Parque Simón Bolivar and the Estadio el Campín. Last but not least there are many green spaces and parks like the Campus of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

CHAPINERO – the broader city centre

The district Chapinero is ocated in the northeast of the city. In the north it borders on the district Usaquén and in the south it borders on Santa Fe. Three big quarters form this district: Chapinero, El Lago and Chicó. Chapinero is nowadays the modern centre of Bogotá. here you find some of the most exclusive quarters of Bogotá, like Rosales, El Retiro, El Nogal and Chico.

The avenues Carrera Trece, Once, Septima and Avenida Caracas are some of the most popular shopping streets of the city. Here you find many Bars, Restaurants, Cafés and shopping centres. The north of the district, Zona Rosa and Parque de la 93, hosts Bogota’s elegant night life. The Museo del Chicó is one of the most important cultural centres of Bogotá.

What’s more, this district counts with a lively student scene. Apart from the old town most faculties are situated here. Last but not least this district also has a visible Gay Scene, whoich is quite unique in a Latin American context.


This district is situated in the outermost north of the capital. This former rural area was formerly characterized by big Haciendas, now it’s part of the city. On Sundays this district hosts a popular flea market.

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