Conditions for Internships in Colombia

Work experience

Usually the internships offered by INSIDE COLOMBIA are geared towards students, or people who recently finished their studies, and thus want to deepen their knowledge or gain first work experience. In some cases we also arrange internships for pupil who dispose of the adequate experience in the corresponding domain. Requirement is in any case to have reached legal age.

Knowledge of Spanish

For a successful internship, basic knowledge of Spanish is required. Some companies and organizations also demand advanced knowledge of Spanish. For that reason INSIDE COLOMBIA also offers Spanish courses (individual or in groups), conducted by experienced language teachers.


Most of the internships offered by INSIDE COLOMBIA are unpaid. In some cases though, companies pay a small incentive. The cost of living in Colombia is lower than for example in Europe or the US, but the possible additional costs of being abroad should not be underestimated.

Health insurance

Possessing an international health insurance for the whole time of your stay in Colombia is in any case required. You can get an international health insurance in your country of origin.

Length of the internship

You can choose freely the length and time period of your internship. However, we recommend a duration of at least two months so that your internship is useful both for you and the company/organization you work with. In many cases, two month is the minimum duration of an internship. On the other hand, we recommend not to plan your internship to be longer than six months, due to the fact that you usually won’t get paid.

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