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Internship in Colombia – Prices & Services


This is the service you get:

    • Organization and booking of your internship.
    • Previous information about Colombia, the internship and other relevant topics regarding your stay in Colombia.
    • Airport transfer (metropolitan area of Bogota).
    • Important information on your stay in Colombia after your arrival
    • Attendance on your first working day.
    • Official internship certificate.
    • Attendance during the internship: regular meetings with other interns, help in case of problems, if necessary change of internship or accommodation


These are our prices:

1. Internship: € 360 (USD 395)
This basic package includes all services mentioned above, except the personal airport transfer.

2. Internship + Airport Transfer: € 395 (USD 435)
This package includes all services mentioned above, including the personal airport transfer.

You can also use our service for a second internship after finishing your first one. The service for organizing a second internship costs € 170 (USD 190).

How to book:

To use the internship service of INSIDE COLOMBIA, you need to fill out the Form for Internships and to transfer a deposit of 75 € (USD 85) to our bank account. In the moment we receive your deposit and the filled out form we start to organize your internship. The deposit will be set off against the total costs of your internship package. There are no hidden additional charges. In case you contact us from outside of the EU, please ask for alternative payment methods in other currencies.

If you have already found an internship you like in our list of available internships, we make a reservation for you. Otherwise we try to find something different according to your needs. Once you like one of our offers, we reserve the internship for you.

If we are not able to offer you any internship in the wanted area within two months, you get back the deposit of 75 € (USD 85), possible remittance charges to be deducted. Only if you decide not to accept any of our offers, we keep the deposit.

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