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Prices for Spanish courses in Colombia

We organize and book your individual Spanish course for the best possible price. To do so, we need you to fill out the form for Spanish courses to tell us what kind of course you are looking for. Once you decide for one course we make the reservation for you. INSIDE COLOMBIA offers you the best possible price for your Spanish course. In order to be able to guarantee this price, the complete course amount should be paid at least two weeks before the course starts.

Course overview

  • Lesson 60 minutes each one
  • Minimum period of enrolment 1 week
  • Enrolment Fee for all courses € 45 (USD 50)
Standard Course (15 Hours) per week (Euros)per week (USD)
1- 4 weeks€ 185 USD 205
5 - 8 weeks€ 180 USD 200
9 - 12 weeks € 175 USD 195
13- 24 weeks€ 170 USD 190
Semi intensive Course (20 hours) per week (Euros)per week (USD)
1- 4 weeks€ 220USD 245
5 – 8 weeks€ 220USD 240
9 – 12 weeks € 215USD 235
13- 24 weeks€ 210USD 230
Intensive Course (30 hours) per week (Euros)per week (USD)
1- 4 weeks€ 260USD 290
5 – 8 weeks€ 255USD 285
9 – 12 weeks € 250USD 280
13- 24 weeks€ 245USD 275

Individual private lessons: € 21 (USD 23) – € 30 (USD 35), depending on the number of lessons

Further individual course offers: Intensive D.E.L.E Preparation, Spanish plus Salsa, Spanish plus Excursions.

In addition to our Spanish Courses we also offer accommodation with Colombian families, in guest houses and shared apartments.

Our service

This is included in the prices for all Spanish courses:

* Organization and booking of your Spanish course.

* Before you travel: Information about Colombia, about the Spanish course and other interesting topics related to your stay.

* Airport transfer to your accommodation (in Bogotá).

* Information meeting after your arrival.

* On your first day at class: We accompany you to your language institute or to your individual class. Presentation of the language teacher.

* During your stay: regular meetings with other language students; help in case of problems; possibility to change the course or accommodation (the latter if you book your accommodation with us).

Do you have more questions? Just send an Email to and you’ll get an answer soon.

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