Types of Accommodation

Our accommodation options in Colombia

With INSIDE COLOMBIA you’ll find your accommodation in Bogotá or other Colombian cities in the most convenient way. No matter if you come to Colombia to work, to study or just for vacation – INSIDE COLOMBIA helps you to find the best option for a convenient stay in this beautiful country. We offer different types of accommodation, all of them carefully selected and always offering the best possible conditions and prices.
All our accommodation options come with the following standards:

  • Situated in safe areas
  • accommodation in your favorite district (for example close to work)
  • easy access to public transport, proximity to supermarkets etc.
  • If you choose a family stay: We know all families that take part in our program and are constantly in contact with them. They will make your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Accommodation options

    Furnished apartment:
    If you want a maximum of privacy and independency, you can rent your own apartment. This option requires to close a rental agreement and to pay a guarantee. The monthly rent depends on the standard of the apartment and on the district. This option requires a minimum stay of one month.

    Family stay:
    This is your choice if you are looking for contact to the local people and really want to know Colombian culture and every-day-live in Bogotá. A family stay in general is cheaper than renting your own apartment. You can practice your Spanish and last but not least try the tasty Colombian food every day.

    This accommodation option always includes free use of the kitchen and of all common spaces in the house (living room, terrace, garden etc.). Depending on previous agreements you can also use telephone, internet and the washing machine, so you can really feel at home.

    Student residence:
    If you are looking for a cheap accommodation option and want to live together with other international students in a friendly environment, then this is your choice. Student dorms are safe places, always including access to internet, kitchen, washing machine, telephone etc.

    How to rent

    Usually, the rent is paid monthly directly to the landlord. In some cases there is an additional monthly fixed amount for maintenance of the building and costs for water, electricity, telephone etc.

    For rooms in shared apartments or student dorm, usually no deposit is required. The rooms are single rooms and furnished. According to further agreements, it is also possible to rent a double room.

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