I have been very satisfied with the service of Inside Colombia. Sönke was of great help and always answered to my e-mails very quickly. It took such a short time to find a place to do my internship, following my criteria. I would highly recommend Inside Colombia. If I have another opportunity to do an internship in Colombia, I would contact Inside Colombia again.

Cyrielle Maison, University College Dublin, Ireland

The company with which I worked is doing very innovative work to help restore and protect the environment, which interested me greatly, so I felt my placement was very well suited to my needs. The director and the staff at the company were all extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful, which also made my experience very enjoyable. While I was with the company I got to experience a variety of tasks including administration, translation and fieldwork which were all felt useful and worthwhile for me and the company, so I would say I am very satisfied with my placement. I liked the fact that Inside Colombia wasn´t a package deal which required me also to pay for accommodation, Spanish lessons and other cultural experiences, which weren´t relevant to me. Most other companies seem to charge thousands of dollars for organising an all-inclusive package trip, but Inside Colombia is cheap and easy, and happy just to help me find a company to work for. I also thought the staff was very friendly and helpful and I appreciated very much that on my first day I was accompanied by one of your employees who spoke English and Spanish and was very friendly. I already recommended Inside Colombia to other people.

Andrew Williamson, United Kingdom

I was very satisfied with the place of my internship and my tasks. What I liked about the service of Inside Colombia was the helpfulness and reliability. I can definitely recommend Inside Colombia.

Karina Gora, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

I liked the atmosphere at my workplace in Soacha from the very beginning. The people gave me a warm welcome and all the teachers were very friendly. Compared to other NGO’s and voluntary services in South America Südamerika I liked this project the most because it works well and really is for a good cause. The service of Inside Colombia was excellent, it was nice that I could talk directly to the staff on the phone and get all my questions answered. It was also helpful that I could compare notes with the former intern. The local staff was also very friendly and did a good job introducing me to the project. I would definitely recommend Inside Colombia to others in the future.

Elena Köhler, University of Gießen, Germany

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